Today, almost every business is on the cloud. If you’re not already on the cloud, you should be on your way there. A Calgary cloud service consultant has specialist skills that your in-house IT team might not possess. With many cloud service providers on the market, choosing the right consultant for your business can be difficult.

First you need to know why you want to move to the cloud in the first place. There’s need to assess a possible provider and ascertain that its policies and behaviors are in line with the model of your business. You need a vendor assessment checklist for assessing people and processes.


Protocols, processes, technical levels of proficiency, customization level, policy, solutions being offered, and customer support are some variables you need to evaluate.  You must make sure that the cloud provider you choose doesn’t just offer all the services you need, but also allows business scalability.

Top 3 Things to Look for in a Calgary Cloud Service Consultant

  1. Data Backup

Choose a cloud consultant that offers data backup solutions. First create a full internal backup of your systems (data and metadata) even before hiring a consultant. Once you hire a consultant, they also need to create a full backup of your systems before initiating the big move to the cloud. Also make sure that the consultant does regular backups of your systems to ensure that it’s up-to-date.

  1. System Access

An ideal cloud service consultant needs exclusive system access to demarcate ownership, hence improving accountability. Exclusive system access also prevents blame-games if issues crop up later on with regards to work scheme. Without such a policy, consider possible impact of that and only choose a provider with exclusive system access.

  1. Sandboxes

Sandboxes support system upgrades and improvements. It also promotes efficient work and offers protection from external shocks. Despite the extra cost that comes with this feature, it offers protection from any integration hindrances. A provider that asks for many sandboxes and utilizes an extra configuration management system is worth considering as the services deliver process robustness.

You must also ensure that the Calgary cloud service consultant offers configuration and system logs documentation for possible backtracking. Be clear about SLAs and communication tools for collaboration with your team, especially if the consultant has a team based in various locations. Also make sure there’s a clear signoff procedure from data imports, discovery, project completions, etc.

Your IT Results Inc captures all these pointers in a legal and an explicit service-level contract agreement. We also give you time to do a background check on our company so that you’re sure about the professionals we are. We can help you choose a suitable cloud solution and walk with you through every step involved in migrating to the cloud and also offer the support you need afterwards.

Contact Your IT Results Inc today to learn more about your Calgary cloud service consultant

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