A Calgary computer security  company can protect your business from various threats with some being less known. Although you’re aware of built-in security protections and anti-virus programs needed to secure your systems, they might not be enough to offer the protection you need against both prevailing and emerging threats.

Here are some threats a security company in Calgary can protect your business systems against.

Top 5 Threats to Protect Your Systems Against

  1. USB Drive Infections

Infected USB sticks can quickly launch malicious attacks on your computer systems. Although modern Mac OS and Windows versions no longer run executable USB drives by default, an infected USB can still infect your systems. Therefore, it’s important to run a virus scan on USB drives before opening them in your computer.

A computer security company can use third party tools such as the Panda USB Vaccine and antivirus programs to keep your USB drives safe.

  1. Wi-Fi Eavesdropping

Public Wi-Fi networks are used by many people, hence the shared internet access makes your data vulnerable. This could be the wireless network used by your employees and customers or visitors who come to your business premises. Since people can easily tap into your communication, you need to safeguard your data.

Only access secure sites, use VPN apps, or simply avoid doing sensitive tasks such as online banking on Wi-Fi networks. A security company can secure your wireless access points to ensure that hackers can’t exploit loopholes on the network to access your business systems.

  1. Webcam Monitoring

Hackers also target webcams. Whether you have USB webcams for online conferences or computers that come with built-in webcams, you need to make sure that nobody looks at you or your employees without their knowledge.

Although you can simply tape over your webcam, a Calgary computer security provider can take more advanced measures to ensure that your webcams can’t be accessed or used by hackers. For instance, the built-in webcam shutter, software tweaks and webcam deactivation are some viable solutions.

  1. Social Engineering

Social engineering gives hackers unauthorized access to systems that require authorized access. Messages, emails, pop-ups and prompts are common channels used to socially engineer attacks on businesses. You and your employees need to be wary of phishing attacks and requests for personal information both online and offline.

Links in emails and the messages shared on social networks can also be exploited by hackers to access your business systems. Be careful with what information you share to safeguard your personal and business systems or devices.

  1. Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of cyber threat recently on the rise. The attackers target both businesses and individuals. Software such as scripts are used to encrypt your files, demanding for ransom in exchange for access.

Your IT Results Inc is a Calgary computer security provider with the knowhow and manpower needed to protect your business from various threats. We can protect your business systems and networks from every possible threat after running a risk assessment on your systems.

Contact Your IT Results Inc today for the latest Calgary computer security solutions  Check out for more details https://www.youritresults.com/technical-support-service/computer-security/



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