Technology is the core of your business, enabling it to operate at maximum potential. However, the technology-based issues you’re having are innumerable. Your wireless isn’t stable, varying from one part of your business premise to another, and your server freezes daily. Definitely, something has got to change.


You’re no longer sure whether the supposed IT support benefits will ever outweigh your costs. And you worry, that all you’ll be told to do is ‘turn it off then on again’ when things don’t work right. Here are some signs that your business is ready to outsource.

Top 4 Signs that Your Business is Ready to Outsource Calgary IT Network Support

  1. Employees Spending More Time on IT Instead of their Actual Workload

Getting your employees to Google your IT issues for online quick-fixes is like gambling with your business data. Various studies found that technology-related issues can cause your employees to lose up to fourteen days of productive work time annually.

Calgary computer support services don’t just enhance the productivity of your employees, but also ensures you don’t lose any productive time due to IT issues. With system monitoring solutions, Your IT Results Inc is able to detect issues early before they occur for prompt troubleshooting.

  1. Is there a Need for a Robust Backup System?

Your business can lose data either through loss or theft. And despite the risk of data loss through cyber crimes and disasters, almost half all small and medium enterprises don’t have a backup system in place. Apart from affecting your profits through financial losses, data loss can also cause a significant reduction in your employees’ motivation to work and missed opportunities to do business.

Although physical backups are viable, they tend to take up space. However, cloud computing solutions offer automatic backups, meaning your employees don’t have to schedule backups or monitor the process. Cloud backups keep your data off your business premise; this ensures your data is safe in case of a calamity or fire.

  1. Is your Data Secure?

Despite the benefits that come with cloud computing, only 10% of data worldwide is stored in the cloud. However, with high-profile cloud computing hacks in the media, it’s obvious that you worry about the security of the cloud infrastructure. You might also be wary of letting a third party take charge of your IT infrastructure. Migrating to a cloud solution might also be a nightmare to your business.

Despite these concerns, cloud computing can offer your business so much in terms of solving your business problems. What’s more, running your own backup servers isn’t just time-consuming and expensive as the applications involved require regular maintenance and data storage, but also consumes energy to power them up.

It’s the responsibility of cloud solution providers to keep their systems safe to guarantee the safety of your business data. Moreover, having your data in the cloud doesn’t mean you stop being its owner. Your IT Results Inc can help you migrate your business data to the cloud for backup and security purposes.

  1. Is there Need for an Integrated IT and Telecommunications System in Your Business?

Telecommunications has evolved from switchboard systems to phone calls, emails and instant messaging systems in the modern era. Unlike sending emails, phone calls offer a prompt way of talking to business prospects. It also personalizes your communications.

For reduced costs, consider VoIP; all you have to do is invest in a high bandwidth, high-speed internet connection. It also enables flexible use with mobile devices when working remotely and there’s need to access your business system on the go.

Contact us today to discuss your needs for a Calgary IT network support provider.




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