Your business isn’t just growing, but your IT needs are expanding as well at a rate beyond your firm’s capabilities. Is it time to outsource? Read on to find out.

Calgary Computer Support Services -

With businesses incurring as much as $100,000 every hour due to unplanned downtime, it’s good to minimize your business risks by budgeting for IT support services. Find out if your business is ready to outsource its IT support services.

Top 3 Signs that Your Business is Ready to Outsource Calgary Computer Support Services

  1. IT Problems Occurring Regularly

Your business could already have an IT professional. However, he/she can only fix one issue at a time and is likely to have expertise in one aspect of IT. Moreover, if your IT person takes leave or gets ill, you’re doomed because there’s no other employee who can offer cover as they get treatment and recover.

Is your team available 24/7 to fix issues as they occur? Is there a need to focus on your business growth and leave the management of your IT resources to the experts? With at least 70% of CIOs focusing on growing their businesses without worrying about their systems experiencing downtime, why would you take the risk by going in-house?

  1. Increasing IT Support Costs

Are your IT support costs on the high side? It could be that your employees are undertrained. With proper training, your employees aren’t just able to properly use your business systems, but also minimize IT issues due to correct use.

Do you have an up-to-date IT Usage Policy in place? Policies that govern the use of your IT systems can help discourage employees from installing unknown and unverified apps on the computers they’re allocated. This prevents possible conflicts between the installed programs with your business systems.

Increasing IT support costs could also mean that there’s need to upgrade or scale your systems to handle the high workload. Entrusting your system infrastructure upgrade to your only in-house IT professional is risky.

Moreover, you need to pay for regular training to ensure that your IT professional keeps updating his/her skills to be able to handle emerging issues. With an outsourced IT team, the provider is responsible for making sure the experts are up-to-date with their skills, lifting cost-related burden off your shoulders.

  1. Can You Afford Outsourced IT Support Services?

On the other hand, it could be that your business doesn’t experience major IT issues to warrant hiring an IT expert in-house. It could be that you have an employee who can troubleshoot the minor computer issues that you experience from time to time. However, the question is ‘as the employee fixes the IT issues, who’s in charge of his/her actual job?’

Although you might think that hiring an IT technician in-house is expensive, having an employee abandon his duties to solve your business IT issues can turn out to be even more costly. Hiring an IT support service provider to offer you services when and as you need them can be more cost-effective in the long-run.

The managed IT services offered by Your IT results Inc can be a real game-changer for your small business.

If any of the points discussed above apply to your business, it’s time to hire managed IT services to help run and maintain your IT resources. Your IT Results Inc is your one-stop solution for outsourced Calgary computer support services.

Contact us today to discuss your Calgary IT network support needs to foster better productivity.

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